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Fishing the River Otter

There are limited opportunities for fishing the River Otter if you are a visiting angler or not a member of a fishing club on the river. 


With the agreement of Fishing Clubs or syndicates, we provide contact details below. These syndicates generally invite applications and where they do they operate waiting lists until vacancies become available.

Fishing clubs


Currently, no clubs or syndicates have vacancies such that they have asked for their details to be provided here. 

Day Tickets

Deer Park Country Hotel


Day tickets are normally available at the Deer Park Hotel Fishery near Honiton, which has 2 miles of very nice fishing, split into several beats. 


Please contact Deer Park in advance for availability and prices.

The dry fly fishing can be excellent with both aquatic and terrestrial hatches. There is a mayfly period of about two weeks that is usually towards the end of May and into the first week of June, when some good fish can be caught. The wild fish population has historically been supported by an annual stocking of brown trout up to 2lbs, but this policy is changing as the Deer Park seeks to sustain its beats as a wild trout fishery. 

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