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Fishing byelaws

A link to the fishing byelaws on the River Otter can be found HERE.

Further Environment Agency Byelaws with respect to salmon and sea trout came into force in December 2018 (and will be in force until December 2028).  The River Otter was listed as a Specified Water (in Schedule 2 as a ‘recovering river’), so the following Byelaw applies to the Otter:

Byelaw 11 Catch and Release for Salmon with Rod and Line from Specified Water

No person shall remove any live or dead salmon taken by rod and line from any waters, or tributaries of such waters or estuaries of such waters, listed in Schedule 1 or Schedule 2 or banks of those waters. This Byelaw shall not apply to any person who lawfully takes a salmon and returns it immediately to the water with the least possible injury.

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