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Fishing byelaws

1.      Like anywhere in England and Wales, fishing for trout and salmon requires either a ‘non-migratory species’ (this includes brown trout) or ‘migratory species’ licence (which covers sea trout and salmon). Licences can be purchased from the Environment Agency website:

2.      Fishing on the Otter may only take place within season. This varies by species as follows: 
a.      Brown Trout: 15 March – 30 September.  
b.      Sea Trout:  15 April – 31 October.  
c.      Salmon:  1 February - 31 August.

3.      New byelaws regarding salmon fishing are in effect.  The Otter is a Schedule 2 (recovering) river as far as salmon are concerned. No live or dead salmon can be taken. It is permitted, with an appropriate licence (see Para 1 above), to catch salmon by rod and line, but they must be returned immediately.

4.      Catch and release of all wild fish, particularly sea trout, is strongly encouraged in order to maintain wild fish stocks.

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