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(Formerly the River Otter Association)

Hon President: The Hon C Fane Trefusis DL

Secretary: Mr B D McGlashan


Purpose of the Association

The River Otter Fisheries Association (ROFA) represents anglers, riparian and fishing right owners on the River Otter, working to protect and improve the river’s environment, wild fish stocks and fishing.

Rules of the Association

  1. The Association consists of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Members.

  2. The management of the Association and its funds is vested in a Committee consisting of the above Officers and such ex-officio Committee members as are required and elected.

  3. The election of Officers and any ex-officio Committee members will take place at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) arranged by the Committee and normally held in March.

  4. A non-executive Honorary President may be appointed by invitation of the Committee.

  5. At least one week’s notice will be given of Committee meetings, including all significant items of business proposed, and may be sent by letter or email to all Committee members.  Following such notice, one third (being at least two in number) of the Committee shall form a quorum at Committee meetings.

  6. Membership of the Association is open to all supporters of the Association’s purpose who have been invited to join by the Committee. Exceptionally the Committee may withdraw an invitation to continued membership at its own discretion.

  7. Subscription rates and payment dates will be set at the AGM. Members whose subscriptions remain unpaid for two consecutive years will cease to be Members.

  8. A statement of the Association’s accounts will be provided at the AGM.

  9. An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called by the Committee or by written request of at least ten Members to the Secretary.  A minimum of 14 days’ notice will be given to Members of an EGM.

  10. No new Association rules may be created, or existing rules altered or rescinded, except by a two thirds majority vote of Members at a General Meeting.

  11. Each member of the Association shall be deemed to have given permission for any personal data that he/she has supplied to the Secretary being kept in the records of the Association until such time that such person ceases to be a member of the Association when the data will be destroyed. This data will solely be used for the purposes of contacting Members on Association business.

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